Craig Anderton

Personal Appearances

My main workshop for Summer 2019 is "How to Create Compelling Mixes." First presented at MTSU, this workshop covers what makes the difference between a mix and a compelling mix, by describing techniques and secrets about how you can grab your listeners' attention, keep them hooked, and leave them wanting more.


  • September 21, 2019, Music Expo Nashville. Held at SAE, 7 Music Circle N, Nashville, Tennessee. Tickets are $30 for the full day.

Welcome! I've split my web presence into two sites., which is currently under construction, will be devoted to music technology education with articles, tips, lessons, listing of personal appearances for workshops/seminars, latest music, and videos. All material will be free, and it will be a non-commercial site. I expect it will be finished on or before August 31. is now being hosted as a microsite on, and it contains my various products - eBooks, sample libraries, presets, and more. It's the place to find all my current products.

I appreciate your patience, and look forward to building into a site that can help musicians and recording engineers/producers accomplish their dreams! 

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